KY Kriyas for Western anatomy and physiology

Circulatory system (hart, arteries, veins, capilaries)

One minute breathing: 20 sec inhale, 20 sec hold, 20 sec exhale
Exercises with the arms, Lifting legs,

Turning with the torso, Ego Eradicator and cross crawl exercises
Cold shower is also good

Long Deep Breathing through the left and the right nostril

KY Electromagnetic Field and Heart Center

KY for disease resistance and heart helper

KY for circulatory systems and magnetic field (*)

KY Pranayama series 0

KY Sitali pranayam

KY Breath of Fire

KY for abdominal strengthening

KY Sitkari pranayam (breathing through the teeth with closed jaws)


(*) updated May 9" 2013

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