Sitali pranayam

How to Do It

Sit in a comfortable meditative posture with the spine straight. Curl the tongue and protrude it slightly past the lips. Inhale deeply and smoothly through the tongue and mouth. Exhale through the nose. Continue for 5 minutes. Then inhale — hold. Pull in the tongue. Exhale and relax. Repeat this for two more 5-minute periods.

What It Will Do for You

Sitali pranayam is a well known practice. It soothes and cools the spine in the area of the fourth, fifth and sixth vertebrae. This, in turn, regulates the sexual and digestive energy. This breath is often used for lowering fever. Great powers of rejuvenation and detoxification are attributed to this breath when practiced regularly. Doing 52 breaths daily can extend your lifespan. Often the tongue may taste bitter at first. This is a sign of toxification. As you continue the practice the taste of the tongue will ultimately become sweet.

taught July 30' 1980 (From Sadhana Guidelines)

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