Kundalini Yoga Venus Kriyas (were only taught in the early 70's, by Yogi Bhajan)

Venus Kriyas are Kundalini Yoga exercises done with a partner, usually a partner of the opposite sex. "Kriya" means "completed action": "kri" is sanskrit for "to do." "Venus" refers to love, being the name of the Roman Goddess of love and beauty.
Although Venus Kriyas are less intense than Tantric Yoga, they fall into the category of a more advanced Kundalini Yoga practice, because they intensify the experience of the exercise through the polarities of the male-female interaction. Therefore, it is important to adhere closely to the following guidelines when teaching Venus Kriyas:

Always tune in with Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo before practicing Venus Kriyas.

Do not line the students up in lines as in Tantric Yoga. Two people can sit together anywhere.
If you line up, then the energy is shared diagonally. That is not the intention of Venus Kriyas.
The energy is only intended to be shared between partners.

Venus Kriyas should never be done to sensually or sexually seduce one's partner. Explain the importance of approaching these exercises with neutrality and purity. If done with the wrong intention, they lose their effectiveness and in fact, it can be more damaging than helpful.

Limit the exercise to 3 minutes (unless specifically taught otherwise by Yogi Bhajan.) Yogi Bhajan has said that doing these kriyas correctly for 3 minutes, and no more than 3 minutes, is very lucky.

Do not teach Venus Kriyas in Beginners classes, or a class with even one or two beginner students. Reserve Venus Kriyas for those with Kundalini Yoga experience. Use your judgement to assess when students have the discipline to practice Venus Kriyas without sexual connotation.
Do not create an entire class using Venus Kriyas. Just use one or two along with a Kundalini Yoga kriya.
Venus Kriyas are NOT to be done by pregnant women.

Venus Kriyas:

Venus Kriya Pushing Palms

Venus Kriya Washing Windows

Venus Kriya Shoulder Stand

Venus Kriya Three Part Kriya

Venus Kriya Liver Twist

Venus Kriya Fish Pose

Venus Kriya Rock Pose

Venus Kriya Touching Fingertips

Venus Kriya To Get Rid of Grudges

Venus Kriya Shiva Shakti Pose

Venus Kriya LIfe Current Kriya *)

Venus Kriya Sending Prana *)

Venus Kriya One Unit *)

Venus Kriya Strenuous Crow *)

Venus Kriya One Leg Life Nerve Stretch *)

Venus Kriya Life Nerve Stretch *)

Venus Kriya Heart Lotus *)


*) updated September 1" 2017


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