- KY healing to regain youthfulness


How to Do It.

Sitting in Easy Pose, with spine straight and chin pressed slightly back toward the back of the neck. Place hands on knees in gyan mudra, index finger and thumb of each hand touching. Roll the tongue back towards its root and suck on it (manduki mudra). In a short time a nectar-like flow will begin in the mouth. Patiently drink it.

Continue for 3, 11 or 31 minutes.


If practiced regularly, this kriya achieves youthfulness of the flesh, regenerate muscles, and makes grey hair disappear. Raise the lenght of time you practice it to the point when you feel fulfilled (up to 31 minutes maximum). Good effects of this kriya are subject to the condition that you have a moderate sex life and a good diet.

See also KY healing Aging; Healing Blood Disease.

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