KY Meditation Days

Yogic science says that the number of days of doing a certain meditation has a specific result:

40 days of meditation to embody new experiences or increased capacities.

90 days of meditation to clear our subconscious and build new habits.

120 days of meditation to realize that awareness in our daily lives.

1000 days of meditation to experience self-mastery and confirm our consciousness, beyond every change of time, space and circumstance. A 1000-day practice projects our newfound awareness, mastery and consciousness impersonally for all (it is impersonally personal) a discipline of grace that blesses all. In
mythical and symbolic traditions like numerology, it represents the nobility of the individual,
"1", expanded and radiant, as supported by the three "0's", the body, mind and spirit; negative,
positive and neutral minds; and the three gunas. It is experience and mastery blended into a
self-qualified awareness of human excellence.

© The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan Page 2

KY 1000 days meditation from 14-2-2009 until 10-11-2011

Yogic science says that there are specific lengths of time needed for certain desired affects during meditation. Most meditations are done for 11 or 31 minutes. See KY Meditation Minutes

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