KY healing Eye Pain


How to Do It.

Sit in Lotus Pose, or in Easy Pose (b), if this is to difficult.

Hands are resting on the knees in Gyan Mudra. Apply Neck Lock. Concentrate at the Third Eye Point. Roll the tongue back in your mouth and suck on it.

Begin Long Deep Breathing. As you inhale, pull the Root Lock and mentally visualize the sound "Sat" rising along the spine. Think "Nam" out the top of the head, as you exhale.

Continue for up to 31 minutes. (3 and 11 minutes are also good stopping places).



Called "Maha Karma Shambhavi Kriya", this meditation is considered good for pain in the eyes, and to coordinate the energy of the optic nerve. It has many other benafites as well: it purifies and opens the chakras, helps one gain control of the breath, helps eliminate irratations of the body, and allows one to "harness the 3 powers of GOD", (Generating, Organizing, Destroying).


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