- KY healing Cocaine Habit, to Break


How to Do It.

Sit with arms bent up and to the sides, hands in Gyan Mudra. Press the shoulder blades together hard. Eyes are closed.

1. Inhale, and hold the breath in for 1 minute. Exhale. Repeat nr 1 twice.

2. Relax, breathing normally for 2-3 minutes.

3. Get back into the posture. Inhale, press the tongue with all your strenght against the roof of your mouth, and apply Root Lock for 30 seconds. Exhale. Do Breath of Fire for 15-20 seconds. Repeat nr 3.

4. Inhale. Press the tongue against the roof of the mouth for 1 minute. Exhale and relax.


This kriya balances the nervous system, and acts as a check on the parasympathic nervous system. It helps break the cocaine habit and alleviates withdrawal symptoms. It is an especially good kriya for women.

Taught By Yogi Bhajan


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