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How to Do It.

Lie down on your stomach. Bend one leg toward your head and grasp the ankle with both bands. Arch the body up (one-leg bow pose) (a). Rock back and forth on the abdomen, exhaling as you go forward and inhaling as you go back. Continue for 1 minute.
Switch legs and repeat the process for another minute. Then grab your left ankle with your left hand and your right ankle with your right hand, arch up in regular bow pose (b), and rock back and forth for 1 minute. At the end of the exercise, inhale completely, exhale completely, pull root lock on the held exhale, and then relax completely for a few minutes on your stomach, head tumed to the left.


Exercises that flush the chest area help prevent breast cancer. See also “Tennis Elbow.”( is not on pinklotus.org) See Foods for Health and Healing for foods that help fight cancer.
A good, hard set of exercises recommended for women to help prevent cancer, menstrual problems
and excess emotionality can be found in the Yoga Manual, pp. 30-34. (the kriya "Exercises for body cleansing and disease prevention" is not on pinklutus.org)


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