What strikes Marie-José van Buitenen in January 2005.

Chapter 1.
The five sutras for the Aquarius age:

1. Recognize: the other that is you.
2. There is a way through every blockage.
3. If time persues you: begin, and the pressure is gone.
4. Understand through compassion, otherwise you don't understand the spirit of time.
5. Vibrate the cosmos, The cosmos shall enlighten your path.

Seven steps to happiness.
a. Commitment. Live means to commit. Commitment gives you character.
b. Character. All facets, flaws en facts are under your control. Character gives you dignity.
c. Dignity. People start liking you and respecting you. Dignity gives you divinity.
d. Divinity. People trust you right away. Thcy have no fear about you. Divinity gives you grace.
e. Grace. Where there is grace, there is no gap between people. Grace gives you the power to sacrifice.
f. Sacrifice. You can stand any pain for that person. That sacrifice gives you happiness.
g. Happiness.

Chapter 12. Sadhana: The regular dayly practice of yoga and meditation.

In sadhana the sadhu lives.
In sadhana the nectar of Gods love rains down.
In sadhana come the blessings of Simran (the continual repetition of the name of God), awareness and divine understanding.
In sadhana is the meditation of Raj yoga.
In sadhana see Gods glory.
In sadhana experience infinity.
Sadhana is the daily meditation of the sadhu (dedicated, holy man).
Oh Yogi! Becorne one with God.

Day Planet Quality Example of what to do
Monday Moon Emotion Pranayama
Tuesday Mars Energy, combativeness Nabhi kriya (for the Navel point)
Wednesday Mercury Business, communication Purification set for the brain
Thursday Jupiter Expansion and deep thought Deep meditation
Friday Venus Love, sensuality Sexual energy transformation
Saterday Saturn Karma, contriction, discipline A streneus physical cleansing kriya
Zondag Sun Purity, energy of self A blissful projective Laya Yoga Meditation

Chapter 23.
Angles and triangles.
Kundalini Yoga is the science of angles and triangles.
Every angle we hold our body in has a corresponding energetic affect because the muscles are putting pressure on specific parts of the body. For example, lifting the legs 30 degrees works on the Navel point; lifting the arms 60 degrees works on the heart and lungs. The effect also has to do with the ability of different shapes and forms to concentrate the life force.

Strengthening the nervous system
We know that nerves constantly grow and change both in their density of connection end the soffistication of the patterns with which they interconnect. Yoga engages the nerves and makes them function better.

Stertching and building muscles.
Any muscle that is not used regularly, even if it is only over a period of a few days, starts to atrophy. Kundalini yoga is an incredibly complete form of exercise for the muscles to maintain the strength and flexibility of the body.

Stimulating circulation.
Due to increased heart rate and the internal massage of tissues and organs, Kundalini Yoga increases the circulation of blood, lymph, and other body fluids.
Endocrine glands, the guardians of your health, have no muscles to get their products in the blood. Yoga massages them, empties them, keeps them vital, and helps them to communicate with each other. Many of the yoga exercises adjust the functioning of the endocrine glands by stimulating the primary base of the brain (the hypothalamus), through rhythmical breathing and through the effect of sound and mantra.

Kundalini yoga as biofeedback.
Kundalini yoga gives increased awareness of the body's internal processes.

Muscles as energy catalysts.
There is a connection between the muscles and the meridians or nadis. If a mucle is strong, the meridian connected to it will be healthy energetically and vice versa. That's why specific meridians and organs are influenced by training specific muscles.

Cleansing the tissues.
No matter how good the diet is, we tend to exceed the selfcleansing capacity of our bodies. Uric acid, calcium crystals, and many other wastes and poisons get stored in tissues and joints.They make us stiff and may cause many diseases. In Kundalini Yoga muscle stretching and internal massage bring wastes back into circulation so that the lungs, intestines, kidneys, and skin are able to remove them.

Kundalini Yoga as lifestyle.
Yoga is not just exercises. We can find opportunities to recomment daily healthy practices. (As: rising early, taking a cold shower, wearing light-colored clothing.)
A vegetarian diet alone reduces the risk of chronic diseases. A yogic lifestyle offers support to refrain from toxic habits such as smoking, drinking, and taking drugs. And also supports withdrawal from caffeine and non-prescription drugs.

The chakras.
The undarstanding of the eight chacras of the body, and how the practice of kriyas, pranayam, and meditation effects them, is perhaps the most encompassing explanation of the effects of Kundalini Yoga.

The ten bodies.
Kundalini Yoga directly activates and balances each of our Ten Bodies. These changes echo and reverberate through our dimensions of our being, and have a powerful effect on our spiritual growth.

Bron organisaties.
Kundalini Research Institute. KRI:
3H0 (Healthy, Happy. Holy Organisation.)
International Kundalini Yoga Teachers Association IKYTA
More about the life of Yogi Bhajan
Ordering books, CD's etc.: and
To order in Europa via: e-mail adres is
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Cothen, January 21' 2005.
By Marie-José van Buitenen.
With thanks to Wouter Koert. Kundalini Yoga teacher. Owner of the books.

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