The Number 9

The Ninth Body is the Subtle Body; it gives a person the ability to be subtle. It is represented by Guru Teg Bahadur and the quality of Calmness. It is easy for a 9 to tune into what is really happening.

The negative aspect of the number 9 would be to be super-gullible - the inability to be subtle. This block can make a person innocently naive.

A person with a Karma of 9 is not subtle in his external relationships. In business and emotional relationships he will be very crude; he lacks gentleness and the beautiful flow that a 9 can have. When the 9 is working one can be as graceful as the swan. This person might see the negative sides of situations but he will blur them out; he is innocently naive. If the 9 is working, this person will see the problem and he will work it out on a subtle level so that the relationship becomes very smooth. Instead of confronting somebody very directly this person will let you know that he knows, and offer graceful ways to correct the problem.
Let’s say you know somebody who has no interest in Kundalini Yoga and he has a 9 in his Karma position. If you ask him, “What do you do for a living?” most likely he will answer, “Well, I had fifty-seven jobs...” He can’t stick with anything because his problem is that his Subtle Body is not working.
This particular person’s frustation in life comes from getting a new job every 3 months, and the reason why he gets sick is because he can’t keep a job.
His cure would be to do something over and over again. If he has a hobby he really likes he should really dive into it. It doesn’t have to be a yogic technique, but if he practices a yogic technique, great! If not, he can still work through his karma by just totally diving in. Tell him, “You have to work on your hobby every day for half an hour.” It will do wonders for him. It’s incredible! That discipline of working on his hobby will give him mastery. When he gets mastery he will not go from job to job to job.

I have a 9 for my Karma and this meant that the Virgo in me had to be a master; I had to take something and master it. You will find that Virgos can be very one-pointed about doing things, about being very articulate, and about just getting systems down. The act of mastery gives you the ability to know the subtle things about your art, your craft, or whatever it is that you are doing.

Michaelangelo was a master. What made him a master was that he lived and breathed his art. Whatever you do, live it, breathe it and become a master at it. A master understands the subtlety of the art that he is doing.

In his own relationsbip with himself and his Soul, this person is very hard on himself; he doesn’t give himself the consciousness to stick to things. He will not want to master; his misery comes from everything being a mystery; whereas, his joy comes from mastering things. He will stick with something for a short period of time but once he will learn to stay with things and have that mastery, he will become very subtle. This is the artist. This person may be very crude and hard om himself, but once he does a process to get this particular body in harmony he will be gentle with himself and give himself a little more space and time to be the master at any particular thing. The prime example is Guru Teg Bahadur meditating for 26 years before he became Guru. This number gives one the ability to be totally at ease, and gives one complete knowledge and mastery of any situation. It is like the lotus flower on the water, it just rides along and doesn’t fight the waves.

In the birthday 9/9/1954 one has a Soul which is a 9 and a Gift which is also a 9. What this means is that God gave him as a gift his Soul. These people are usually very in tune on a very deep level with their own being, so it is not the Soul they need to work om, but it may be the Path Number that they need to work on. You can give them any meditation, and if they do it for 1000 days it will automatically work on the Subtle Body.

This person can master situations very quickly. He is very accurate about what goes on around him.
A birthday in the year 1954 has a Gift Number of 9. This person’s gift is that he is master. Whatever he tries to do, he’ll understand the subtlety of it very quickly.

People will see this person as being very masterful. He learns systems and learns things very quickly.

What this person has to manifest in terms of his Path is that he has to be very masterful and has to exhibit total calmness in whatever it is that he does. This brings about the subtlety of things. He never gets excited about anything; not that he is dull, but he can process information in such a way that it soothes people. By doing a meditation for 1000 days this person will gain the ability to express his own spirituality with subtlety and calmness.

Numerology as taught by Yogi Bhajan

Expounded by Dr. Guruchander Singh Khalsa

(*) updated April 6' 2006

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