The Number 7

The Seventh Body is the Aura. The number 7 is what gives the person the ability to uplift, what makes a person feel at peace. It is Mercy.

The number 7 has tremendous qualities. The number 7 will want to be up-front; he will do this because he wants to elevate people. A 7 may be a singer (singing can open people’s heart), he can heal with his voice, or he might want to sing just because he enjoys watching people be lifted. He will have a strong self-identity in all situations.

The negative aspect of the number 7 is that this person will hide out in his shell - he will just stay in his house a whole lot and he won’t like to come out. He lives in his shell; he has the ability to grow in that shell and not go out. His house goes with him, he wants to be totally protected. A 7 can be easily swayed by other people and unfamiliar surroundings. Seven’s who work through this block feel at home everywhere.

This person is overwhelmed by everything in the external world. He will walk into an office with a speech all ready but will be unable to speak at all. There is so much input coming through his aura that it totally confuses his mind. What this person can hope to gain by doing something about it, is to be able to walk into any situation and feel totally confident; no matter how much negativity is present in his surroundings, he will uplift that situation because his aura is so strong that the negative input will not be able to penetrate his aura.

When this person processes internal information he does not have the ability to uplift himself; he can’t get his spirit moving. He can’t uplift his own internal processes so that life would seem good or exciting. Working through this block will give this person instant ability to uplift his own soul and to connect to his soul in terms of allowing that expression of the flowing spirit. When he sits to meditate he will be able to easily channel the constant flow of uplifting soul energy.

This person is always able to uplift situations. He can walk into any situation and bring spirit into it. This person is the “life of the party.” He can generate good energy easily.

People will see a person with a Destiny of 7 as a very uplifting, elevating type of person.

This person has to learn to be merciful, like Guru Har Rai. He has to learn to uplift all of humanity, always give inspiration and make people feel hope where there is no hope. This person can look at a situation and see all the pain involved, and he will be able to bring the other person out of that situation. By meditating this person will tune himself into this mercy.
The birthday February l3th, 1954 has a Path Number of 7 (1+3+2+1+9+5+4=7). In order for a person with this birthday to be fulfilled, he must uplift himself and others. He must uplift humanity. His position in life is that in order to feel his most divine self he must uplift. That is what he has to do. Many people who are into singing have a lot of 7-energy. Many people who are out front in the Dharma have a lot of 7’s. We have some people who have three or four 7’s. Sat Kirpal Singh has three 7’s; Premka has three 7’s. A person with a 7 is one who is out front a lot, whose presence is real powerful. The number 7 is a very powerful number. These people have a real strong presence; they don’ t lose the sense of who they are. That is because outside influences don’ t throw them off. Their aura is strong enough that they don't get thrown off.

Numerology as taught by Yogi Bhajan

Expounded by Dr. Guruchander Singh Khalsa

(*) updated April 6' 2006

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