The Number 6

The Arc Line is the Sixth Spiritual Body and the Sixth Guru was the master of the Arc Line. His actions, his life, his entire purpose, was to teach us about the Arc Line. Guru Hargobind stands for Justice.

A person with a 6 will love to meditate. A “Person at Prayer” is someone who really likes to meditate. It should be easy for someone in 3H0 to meditate, so a person with a 6 will benefit from meditation. Other people have other talents - it may be counseling, it may be physical yoga sets, it may be music.

The number 6 represents the Are Line, and the strength of this body will depend on whether the person has a 6 as his Soul Number or his Gift Number. It depends on how much he has worked on himself and it depends on his ability to meditate. It is going to depend on the person - if he is doing nothing spiritual the 6 may not work at all, then the Arc Line will be his biggest block. But if he worked on himself for 1000 days developing himself with meditation, his Are Line will be his biggest asset.

The Are Line gives you your intuitive ability. The negative aspect of the number 6 is that this person will be non-intuitive, he will talk without thinking and will have a hard time in situations where he has to concentrate.

The person who doesn’t have control of the Sixth Body in the Karma position will not have the power of the word in his business and personal relationships. He will say something but he won’t be able to live up to that because he doesn’t have the power of the word. He will not be constant for consistent. What a person can hope to gain through mastering this position will be the ability to be consistent, to follow through, to meet his commitments, to be one-pointed and very concentrated.

If a person’s Soul number is 6, then when he is onder stress his key is to keep his center. What is the center? It is the Soul, the sense of “self”, it is “who” one is. When one is under stress one should have his Are Line working for him. If one is under stress and his Are Line doesn’t work, this block will not allow him to tune in into the deeper levels of himself.
If this person’s Arc Line doesn’t work, the information that he interprets will be contradictory; he is always in a state of confusion about what is going on. Doing a meditation or a process for 1000 days will give him the ability to be very confident and be sure that he knows exactly what is going on.

This person is totally one-pointed about everything that he does.

The number 6 is “Person at Prayer.” It is the Arc Line. I have a 6 as my Destiny Number and for some reason my Arc Line has always worked; I always loved to meditate. I used the 5 and the 6 as my talents to work on the other bodies. In other words, meditation seemed to be the most natural way for me to work through my Karma, Soul and Path.
Other people will see a person with a Destiny of 6 as being one-pointed and very prayerful.

The negative aspect of this position is that this person will not want to be a “person at prayer” ; he won’ t even consider it. People don’t usually consider their Path until they have found their Soul.
This person’ s divine expression as a human being is to be a channel that people relate to as a person at prayer - a holy person, a representative of God - very prayerful, very meditative, very concentrated doing whatever it is that he does.
As an example, let’s say this person is a lawyer. People need to see him having total control in a courtroom situation - he is never thrown off by anything that comes along in court; he always maintains a prayerful, calm, and confident poise.

Numerology as taught by Yogi Bhajan

Expounded by Dr. Guruchander Singh Khalsa

(*) updated April 6' 2006

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