KY Numerology The Ten Spiritual Bodies

The 10 spiritual bodies represent the Gurus. We were given “key phrases” for each one of these bodies to help us remember them. Following are the definitions of the ten spiritual bodies. Later I will explain the numerology of all these bodies. Now I am just giving you the definitions; it will make more sense once you understand the numerology, and it doesn’t take long to do that.

These spiritual bodies are not something that we just use in 3H0 or that we use when we are Sikhs. I apply this on every person that I see. The practical aspect is that your spiritual bodies are the basic problems in terms of disease. The real beginning of all disease is on a spiritual level, then it penetrates the mental level, and then it manifests on the physical level. If you don’t find out what is wrong with these spiritual bodies you’ll miss the actual diagnosis of the disease. It is very important in a healer’s practice to know what is going on and what is not working correctly with the spiritual bodies. Yogi Bhajan’s numerology system takes all the guesswork out completely; you can pinpoint exactly what the problem is and give the person a practice that will make that spiritual body work.

The First spiritual body

The First Spiritual Body is called the Soul Body and it represents Guru Nanak. The key phrase is “Creator.” The conflict that we will have when this body is not working is the conflict between head and heart. The person who has a conflict with his First Spiritual Body will come more from his head than from his heart. The key of being a spiritual being is to come from your heart.

The Second spiritual body

The Second Body is called the Negative Mind and it represents Guru Angad. The key phrase is “Longing to Belong.” The negative aspect of someone who has a 2 in a critical position is that this person will not be able to calculate the danger in situations. When the Negative Mind works, you are able to go into any situation and automatically calculate the danger to yourself or to anyone else. When your Negative Mind doesn’t work, you cannot calculate the danger.

A person with a 2 in a critical position who doesn’t know how to make that spiritual body work for him, will value deep relationships no matter what the outcome may be. They long to belong so much that they will get involved with anyone; they will try to make that person their friend even though that person may be leading them down the road to destruction. Two’s are very much attached to relationships. The key for people who have a 2 in a critical position is to establish a relationship with the Siri Singh Sahib. It is very important for a person with a 2 to make that connection. I’ll explain why later.

The Third spiritual body

The Third Body is the Positive Mind and it represents Guru Amar Das. The key phrase is “Devil or Divine.” If the Positive Mind is working, a person will always have a positive suggestion or a way out of every situation that seems like a dead-end. If the Positive Mind is not working the person will not be able to do that; he will not have the ability to see the positive side of any situation.

The Fourth spiritual body

The Fourth Body is called the Neutral Mind and it represents Guru Ram Das. It is the Yogic Mind. The key phrase is “Cup of Prayer.”

Our minds go through this process: First we calculate the danger in a situation - we find out what it will do for us and what could go wrong. For example, on a practical level, let us say that you are a businessman and that your Negative Mind doesn’t work. You will get into a situation and you won’t be able to see what could go wrong. The first thing you should calculate in any business deal is what could go wrong. The second thing you have to calculate is what could go right - that’s the Positive Mind. The third calculation is done by the Neutral Mind; it evaluates all the positives and all the negatives - you are not involved; you are completely detached; you make a yogic decision.

A person who has mastery of the 4th body becomes like Guru Ram Das. They are so neutral to you that you just go to them and you feel like you are getting their darshan. That is the blessing to me - Cup of Prayer.

The Fifth spiritual body

The Fifth Body represents Guru Arjun. It is the Phvsical Body. Guru Arjun was called the “Perfected Form of God.” It represents the teaching energy and the key phrase is “Teacher.”
A person with a 5 in a negative aspect in his numbers will not want to teach; he’ ll be totally afraid to teach. It is the person in the ashram who has a tremendous potential to teach but every time he is asked to teach he bas an excuse for not doing it.

The Sixth spiritual body

The Sixth Body represents Guru Hargobind and it is the Arc Line. The key phrase for this body is “Person at Prayer.”
The entire 5th Men’s Manual is on the Arc Line; I recommend reading it to get an in-depth understanding of this spiritual body. Yogi Bhajan has been, for a long time, teaching us many techniques that work specifically on all the spiritual bodies.

The Seventh spiritual body

The Seventh Body is the Aura. The Guru that perfected this particular spiritual body was Guru Har Rai. The key phrase is “Platform of Levitation,” or “Platform of Elevation.”

This body gives you the ability to uplift yourself a well as others. People who have the inability to use their aura are not able to get up and speak in public; their aura is not strong enough. Their aura is not strong enough to keep out positive or negative input. A person with a really strong aura can get up in front of hundreds and thousands of people without being affected; he can keep a sense of self because the positive, negative and neutral inputs cannot get through to him. A person with a strong aura can remain centered and calm.

The Eight spiritual body

The Eighth Body is called the Pranic Body and it represents Guru Harkrishan. This is a very healing number; it is the energy that Guru Harkrishan showed us how to manifest. The key phrase for this body is “Finite to Infinity.” A person who has an 8 in his numbers has the ability to move prana in his system.

A person who masters the Pranic Body can go 20 hours a day and never get burnt out. Yogi Bhajan has an 8 as his Soul Number and an 8 as his Karma Number. All breathing exercises, pranayam, Breath of Fire, holding the breath in or out, and any meditation which requires you to hold the breath out automatically rnakes the Pranic Body kick in. The mantra WAHE GURU WAHE GURU WAHE GURU WAHE JI-O chanted eight repetitions per breath also works on the Pranic Body.

Whenever you master the Eighth Body, you automatically also master the Second, Third and Fourth Bodies. In other words, when you master pranayam you will have control of your mind. This is one of the fundamental yogic teachings that Yogi Bhajan has taught us many times before.

The Ninth spiritual body

The Ninth Body is the Subtle Body and it represents Guru Teg Bahadur. The key phrase for this body is “Master or Mystery.”

The Subtle Body gives you the ability to know what is really going on in a situation. If you walk into a room where people are talking but the words that are coming out of their mouths don’t fit in with what they are feeling, you will know exactly what is underneath. I call people who do not have this body working for them “spiritually naive.” They’ll walk into a room and they’ll believe anything they hear; they are totally gullible; they don’t pick up the subtlety of what’s really going on.

The Tenth spiritual body

The Tenth Body is the Radiant Body and it is your hair. The Tenth Body represents Guru Gobind Singh. The key phrase is “All or Nothing.”
A person who has this number will either do something with 200 percent effort or not at all. If they won’t do it, there’s no way you can move them or talk them into it; they won’t do it for any reason whatsoever.

The Eleventh spiritual body

There is NO Eleventh Spriritual Body, however, the number 11 represents all of them. We started Out with the 10 Gurus - it was all formulated to perfect the human being. We have religion to show us what a Perfected Being is, but the Siri Guru Granth has taken the Perfected Being one step further. It is the most subtle and most powerful of all - it is the accumulation of all the others.

Each Guru came to this earth plane to teach us mastery of one of the qualities of the perfect human being. The Complete Human Being will have mastery of all the ten Bodies, and he will become the Siri Guru - one who is a constant reminder of God. A human being will die, but the Siri Guru Granth is the Guru for ever, and ever, and ever - it is eternal.

Numerology as taught by Yogi Bhajan

Expounded by Dr. Guruchander Singh Khalsa

(*) updated April 6' 2006

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