KY meditation to make you feel cozy and contented

What It Will Do for You

This meditation will make you feel cozy and contented. It works to balance the brain by reinforcing your inner ability to be in continual touch with your higher self.

How to Do It
Connect the thumb and middle finger tips of the right hand and the tip of the thumb and little finger of the left. Fingernails don’t touch. Females should hold the same position with opposite hands. With the shoulders hanging, hold the hands 7 - 8 inches apart, fingers pointing forward, a little in front of the nipples. The eyes are 1/10 open.
Breathe normally and meditate for 11 minutes, then inhale, make tight fists with both hands for a few moments, and relax.

Note: This is one of five meditations given specifically “to prepare for the gray period of the planet and to bring mental balance.”

taught September 29' 1975, source survival kit

Kundalini Yoga Meditations

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