KY meditation for self reliance KY meditations taught March 5" 1972 YB

1. (A) Sit with erect spine and legs extended straight out, arms parallel to the ground and fingers pointed forward.

(B) Inhale and lean back 60 degrees, hold, raise the legs as high as possible, and hold the position and the breath as long as possible. Exhale and lower legs.

(C) Bend forward grasping the toes and pulling firmly on them with normal breath for 11 minutes.

(D) Take several deep breaths, inhale and repeat parts (A) & (B), 3 or 4 tiines. (Sets the balance in the aura between North & South.
Puts pressure on the liver to clean the body and increase courage).

2. Sit on heels with palms on thighs flexing the spine forward and powerfully whispering "Sat" and backwards, powerfully whispering "Nam" sounding like a snake. Continue the spinal flex at a medium pace for 8 minutes. Then deeply inhale and exhale 4 tirnes and relax.

3. Sit straight and press palms together, locking thumbs, (Pranam Mudra) at heart center. Press firmly on the palms and apply pressure to the center of the chest. With the entire weight of the upper body on the hands, concentrate all the mental energy at the root of the nose, and meditate in this pose for 10 minutes.

4. In Easy Pose, spine stretched erect, inove the waist side to side in a regular rhythm for 3 minutes. Works on the liver.

5. Spinal Flex in Easy Pose, holding on to the ankles, rapidly and accenting the forward motion so there is a slight pulling pressure on the sex organs. Continue for 3 minutes and then relax completely.

6. Sit erect with hands in Gyan Mudra and concentrate on the root of the nose, chanting "Sat Nam " as you turn the head to the right shoulder, and "Wha Guru" as you turn the head to the left shoulder. Continue in a steady rhythm for 11 minutes.

COMMENTS: Personal radiance is blocked by fears. Fear comes with dependence. ‘Ihe only acceptable dependence is on the Guru and Wisdom for that will lead to self-reliance, and banish all fear. If self-reliance is strong, you are protected and those with you are protected.
This series promotes self-reliance and energizes several physical areas of the body. 1 & 4 work on the ljver, 2 & 3 open the heart center of compassion and surrender, the finite identity to Infinite Wisdom. 5 works on sexual energy. 6 is a meditation that can be extended to 31 minutes When turning left, your reliance is focused on the Infinite Wisdom. Re liance in “Wha Guru” gives self-reliance as a unit in “Sat Nam”.

COMMENTS: GOD CONSCIOUSNESS is the freedom that you get from getting out of your fear complex. When your fear complex leaves you, you are God.