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What It Will Do for You

This meditation will work on your inner faculty and your ego. You have five things in your body which show your ego: two legs, two hands and one tongue. No investigator can penetrate into you if you can control these five organs. No one can know who you are.

Your metabolism will qo through a tremendous change in this meditation. This painful posture is like a bitter melon. The tremendous discomfort it creates is all in the head. It brings the combination of the five centers of the left and right brain into the neutral self.

How to Do It

Sit in an easy pose with a straight spine. The finger pads are all touching (1). (This is known as a praying mantis hand in the martial arts.) The fingers are then placed in the underarm area (2). This will force the spine to become very straight. The chest is out, and the chin is pulled in slightly. Close the eyes and focus on the brow point. Chant RA MA DHA SA SA SE SO HUNG. Meditate 11 to 31 minutes.

The Mantra

This mantra is known as Siri Gaitri mantra. It will carry you through every test because it is a "big mantra". It has the eight sounds of the kundalini in it. It is a combination of earth and ether. RA is the sun. MA is the moon. DHA is the earth. SA is the infinity. SE is that totality of infinity is thou. SO HUNG means "I am thou". SA SE SO HUNG is the ether mantra, RA MA DHA SA is the earth mantra. It has an interconnection. SA is the link word, it comes twice. It is the tide, and SA is a reversal of the tide. It is a complete cycle.

taught July 31' 1975, source Kundalini Yoga Manual

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