How to Do It
Sit in easy pose with the elbows straight and hands in gyan mudra. Close the eyelids, concentrate at the brow point and chant two complete cycles of this mantra with each single breath:

After chanting the two cycles, take a deep but rapid breath and repeat. A complete breath takes 12 seconds. Continue for 11 to 31 minutes. Inhale and concentrate the energy at the top of the head.

What It Will Do for You

This is the science of Laya yoga. It is exact and exacting and it is nobody’s private property. Those who have turned this into the secret possession of a few do a disservice to humanity at a time when people need every technique to grow. Laya yoga is a science of relating breath, rhythm and mantra to produce altered states of consciousness. Each japa (repetition of mantra) creates tapa (psychic heat). When you rotate the breath and volume of sound properly, it creates heat that burns off the karma. The knowledge cannot properly be transferred by secret whispering in the ears of disciples. It must be an open and conscious effort to expand your higher consciousness into practical expression. The relationship between your life in the finite and infinite depends on the rhythm of the breath. By controlling the breath, this kriya gives you a consciousness of ecstasy and calms the nerves. This calmness can also help to reduce fever.

source Sadhana Guidelines

Kundalini Yoga Meditations

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