KY meditation to tranquillize the mind


What It Will Do for You

This meditation will tranguillize the mind within 3 minutes The hand position is called “the mudra which pleases the mind.” Buddha gave it to his disciples for control of the mind.

How to Do It
Sit in easy pose with a straight spine. With the elbows bent, bring the hands up and in until they meet in front of the body at the level of the heart. The elbows should be held up almost to the level of the hands. Bend the index fingers of each hand in toward the palm. Join them with each other so they press together along the second joint. The middle fingers are extended and meet at the fingertips. The other fingers are curled into the hand. The thumbs meet at the fingertips. Hold the mudra about 4 inches from the body with the extended fingers pointing away from the body.
Focus on the tip of your nose. Inhale completely and hold the breath while repeating the mantra of your choice 11 - 21 times. Exhale, hold the breath out, and repeat the rnantra an equal number of times. Practice for 3 minutes.

taught February 28' 1980, source survival kit

Kundalini Yoga Meditations

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