KY meditation to take you out of danger

What It Will Do for You

On a number of occasions, Yogi Bhajan has taught the mantra GUROO GUROO WAHAY GUROO, GUROO RAAM DAS GUROO with varying postures and mudras. Chanting this mantra brings protection and allows you to escape extreme danger.

Yogi Bhajan once told a story of how a group of people who were under attack chanted this mantra and were lifted out of danger. The mantra brings a very protective aura, and strengthens your ability to keep your presence of mind and inner integrity to make correct choices under stress.

How to Do It
Sit in easy pose with the forefingers curled so that the fingers touch the pads of the palms. The thumb is held straight at a 45 degree angle with the hand. Bring the hands to ear level, arms resting at a comfortable angle. Keeping the thumbs at a 45° angle to the hand, pivot the thumbs out until they point forward and up away from you. The palms also face away from you.
The eyes gaze past the tip of the nose. Inhale deeply; on the exhale chant five times the following mantra: GUROO GUROO WAHAY GUROO, GUROO RAAM DAS GUROO.

Continue for 31 minutes.

taught April 26' 1979, source survival kit

Kundalini Yoga Meditations

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