KY meditation to handle a grave situation

What It Will Do for You

This is a very simple and ancient meditation to resolve conflict in us. 1f you do it, you'll enjoy it. Just see what changes you go through; just supervise yourself. It is a psychotherapy.
The moment the body knows the breath is out it starts adjusting at the highest rate of efficiency. The theory is that when the breath is out and the prana is not there the pranic body starts penetrating through the other bodies to create the combination. The computer must figure out how to allow you and your cells, which need x amount of oxygen, to survive.

1f you have a most grave situation to handle, 5 minutes of this will take care of it.

How to Do It
Sit with the legs crossed. Press the hands on the breasts, palrns in, fingers pointing toward each other. The hands are relaxed with the fingers extended and joined. This is a comfortable position with very littie pressure and no tension in the arms and hands.

Close the eyes 9/10 of the way. Deeply inhale for 5 seconds. Completely exhale for 5 seconds, and hold the breath out for 15 seconds.

Begin with 11 minutes and slowly build to 31 minutes.

taught Oktober 29' 1979, source survival kit

Kundalini Yoga Meditations

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