KY Meditation for the Mother Principle

How to Do It

Sit straight in an easy pose. Make fists of both hands at heart level, the left palm facing up and the right down.

Extending the Mercury finger of the left hand and hook under and around the thumb of the right hand, pulling to create a slight tension.
Close the eyes and focus at the brow point. Inhale deeply and chant the "bij" mantra "A i ma" (pronounced Ah ee mah)

in monotone for 11 minutes. With practice, extend the time to 31 minutes.



The principle of the mother is primal power, coziness, care ard protection. A person who is in contact with this inner cosmic principle is without fear and has courage in all circumstances, even at the darkest times. When you serve the cosmos as the Mother, you know it is responsive to everything and anxiety is reduced, as you feel connected and in touch. This is good for a person without religion; it connects that person to the cosmos.

Taught October 20, 1975 by Yogi Bhajan (From Sexuality and Spirituality)

source Sadhana Guidelines

Kundalini Yoga Meditations

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