KY Meditation for the Central Nervous System

How to Do It

Sit in Easy Pose with a straight spine. Relax the arms down with the elbows bent and raise the forearms until the hands are near the shoulders, facing the palms forward and the hands in Gyan Mudra. Eyes are 9/10 closed. Inhale, exhale, and with the breath out, mentally vibrate

Wahe Guru

As you first pull Root lock, then Diaphragm Lock and then Neck Lock in a continuous wave-like motion. The whole spine will undulate.
Repeat a total of 9 times (9 mantra repetitions and 9 undulations) on the held out breath.
Inhale, exhale and repeat.
Begin practicing for 11 minutes and slowly build time to a maximum of 31 minutes.

Comments: Nothing is better than this for the Sushumna Nadi and the Central Nervous System. It will bring elaborate changes in an individual who practices it.
Taught by Yogi Bhajan October 14" 1979 (from Sexuality and Spirituality)


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