KY Meditation for Guidance

How to Do It

A. In Easy Pose or Lotus Pose, make hands into cups, palms facing up, leaving a little fish-like hole between sides of little fingers. Bow head forward, with eyes bare open and look into palms. Inhale in 10 strokes or sniffs, each time mentally vibrating
Wha - He
and exhale in 10 parts, mentally chanting
for 11 minutes.
To end, inhale and exhale powerfully.

B. Sit up and chant aloud in monotone
Wha - He
8 times, and
8 times, for 5 - 11 minutes.
Build to 31 minutes and then 2,5 hours

Comments: Do this meditation when clarity is lost, to calm yourself and still your mind. Then the path will come to you. Bow the head so that if it were cut off, it would fall into the hands, to be given to God and Guru. Strengthens mental direction and alleviates blood disease.

Taught by Yogi Bhajan on May 27" 1974 (From Sexuality and Spirituality)


Kundalini Yoga Meditations

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