Kundalini Yoga for the lymph system KY kriyas (From Kundalini Yoga for Youth and Joy)

1) Sit in Easy Pose. Interlace the fingers into Venus Lock and place behind the head where the neck and scalp join. Extend the elbows straight out to the sides, parallel to the ground. Begin twisting powerfully from left to right, stopping for one count in the center (1 second in each direction). Inhale to each side, exhale in the center. Twist completely to each side. Continue for 9 minutes.

This exercise removes tension from the shoulders and relaxes the muscles of the breast. When the breast muscles are not relaxed the stomach muscles are stressed which causes fat to deposit around the abdomen. When the shoulder muscles are stretched, the supply of blood to the brain is regulated.

2) Sitting is Easy Pose, grasp the outside of the knees. Keep the spine straight and with the power of the hands begin pulling the knees up towards each other in front of the chest and lowering them down (one cycle takes less than one second). Continue for 6 minutes.
The exercise applies a tremendous pressure to the breast and stomach area. It also works on breaking down the fat around the abdomen and adjusts the ankles and knees
3) Stretch both legs straight out in front. Keeping your arms straight, lean back on your hands and point them backwards. Bend the knees up and rapidly and powerfully start kicking your legs up and down in the air. Keep ankles and feet relaxed and concentrate on moving from below the knees. Continue for 3 minutes.
This exercise works on the lower spine.
4) In Easy Pose, sit with a straight spine. Extend the arms straïght in front of you at a slight angle outwards, parallel to the ground, with the palms facing up. Alternately, make fists of the hands and pull them into the shoulder area. Pull hard enough to make the body shake and move rapidly. Continue for 1-2 minutes.
This exercise works on opening up the arteries.

5) Sit in Easy Pose. Place the flat part of your fist on the floor next to your hips. Keeping the back straight and the heels on the floor, lift the body up and then drop it down (1-2 times every second). Continue for 4 minutes.
This exercise builds up the shoulder muscles so that the lower torso is able to relax. It gives the shoulders a work out they never get in day to day life






6) Remain sitting in Easy Pose. Place the hands on the knees. Begin bending left to right from the waist. Bend completely to each side, adding a little distance with each bend (one complete cycle takes 2-3 seconds) for 5-6 minutes
This exercise aids in digestion.




7) In Easy Pose sit with a straight spine and place the hands on the knees. Bend your head forward, back, left. right. returning to the center after each bend. Silently chant Sa as you bend forward. Ta to the back, Na to the left and Ma to the right. Continue rhythmically, coordinating the movement with the mantra for 2-3 minutes.
This exercise strengthens the neck.

8) Lion Lick: Sit in Easy Pose. Place the hands on the knees and begin flexing your spine forwards and backwards. When the spine is flexed back. draw the chin to the chest and stick the whole tongue out as you make the sound “Hunh,” (A) Inhale through the nose as the spine is flexed forward. drawing the tongue back into the mouth (B) Continue rhythmically for 3 minutes. (One complete cycle takes approximately one second.)
Thïs exercise works on opening up the lungs.
9) Stand up. Place the feet shoulder-width apart. with the toes facing slightly out. Placing the hands on the knees. begin squatting down (A) and coming halfway up (B) keeping the feet flat on the floor. The knees will act as a fulcrum, helping maintain the same angle between the back and thighs throughout the exercise. Continue rhythmically for a maximum of 8 minutes, resting when needed. (One complete cycle takes less than one second,)
This exercise works directly on the knees. If the knees lose their elasticity, it can affect the alignment of the whole body, subsequently causing Iess circulatïon of blood to the breast area and increasing the chance of tumours.



10) Sit down. Stretch both legs straight Out in front and keep the spine erect, hands resting in the lap or on the thighs Alternately point your toes forward (A), and then flex your feet back (one complete cycle takes 1-2 seconds.) Continue for 1 minute.
This exercise strengthens the muscles of the Iower leg.


11) Sit in Easy Pose. Place the hands on the knees and begin rotating the abdominal area and lower spine around in large circles: roll only to the right. (One complete rotation takes 1-2 seconds.) Continue for 3-4 minutes.
This exercise works on digestion.



12) Remain sitting in Easy Pose with the hands on the knees. Rapidly begin shaking the head from left to right in short, sharp movements. Allow all the muscles of the mouth and face to relax. Continue for 3 minutes
As you loosen up and shake, the pituitary gland, the temples and everything in the head area will move. It allows the capillaries to get their blood supply and strengthens all the muscles of the cheeks and jaw.
13) Sit in Easy Pose. Extend the arms out in front at chest level with slightly bent elbows. The palms are facing each other with the fingers spread apart. Rapidly shake the hands towards the center of the body and out, keep ing the wrists loose. The motion is precisely in and out, not every which way. Shake so fast that you feel the fingers cutting the air and the hands feel separate from the body. Continue for 2-3 minutes.
This is an excellent exercise for the sciatic nerve. It stimulates circulation and removes the poisons.
14) Sit in Easy Pose. Place the hands in the lap. Begin chanting Har, Har, Har, Har, Har, Har. Hari continuously with the tip of the tongue (one complete repetition takes 2-3 seconds). Draw the navel point in each time the tip of the tongue touches the upper palate behind the teeth. Continue chanting rhythmically for 3-4 minutes.
This is a meditation for the 1980’s and endurance.

15) In Easy Pose, stretch the arms over the head. In terlace the fingers of both hands with the palms facing up. Lean back and begin stretching from side to side like a cat. Continue for 1 minute.

Thïs exercise balances the meridians in the rib cage and the area above it.

16) Sit in Easy Pose. Begin chanting: God and Me, Me
and God, Are One
. Continue for 3 minutes.

Then chant:
I Am Thee, Thou Is Me, Me Is Thou. Continue this for
2-3 minutes.

Finally chant: All Things Come From God
and All Things Go To God,
and continue for 2 minutes