Kundalini Yoga KY for Strengthening the Immune System 2 KY kriyas

1. This special breath exercise is called "Swimming through the Pranic ocean". Sit in easy pose and move the arms like you are swimming.
Extend one and then the other in constant motion. As one arm extends, the other draws back with the elbow along your side. Do not punch. Create a smooth, circular swimming motion that moves the shoulders, rib cage, and back muscles. Create a powerful breath of fire through an open mouth in rhythm with the arm motion. Keep the back molars together so the breath sounds like a powerful, pulsing hiss. Continue for 13 Minutes.

2. Come into back platform pose. Keep your body straight, especially your knees. Let your neck relax backwards but do not let it hyperextend or crimp. This puts pressure on the parathyroid. After 2 Minutes, form a circle with your mouth and breathe strongly. Puff in and out using the diaphragm to drive the breath.This is not a breath of fire from the navel, it is a "pancreas" breath that is focused near the sternum and diaphragm. Continue for another 2 Minutes.

3. Lie down straight and nap in corpse pose. 17 Minutes.

4. WhiIe still lying down, play Liv Singh's "Har Har Mukande" with affirmations and repeat the affirmations that Yogi Bhajan recites at the beginning. Then stretch, twist around, move your shoulders, and wake up dancing. 3 Minutes.

5. Come into a sitting position and dance while sitting.This spreads the energy equally to all parts of the body. 1 1/2 Minutes.

Your immune system works for you, but do you work for your immune system? Your heart works for you. Do you work for your heart? Your organs work for you. Do you work for each of your organs? l don't think you have asked yourself questions like these.

Yogi Bhajan, October 23" 1985 (From Physical Wisdom)