KY Are Hansje (1946) and Wouter (1942) still doing Kundalini Yoga?

At the moment I, Wouter, because of a heart attack on September 9, 2019

and after that an open heart surgery on September 13 with 5 bypasses,

had to stop for a while.

But today on November 17, I was finally able to do the breath of fire again for 3 minutes and some exercises.

The recovery will take a while,

because I still have swollen feet, fluid in my lungs and my heart is no longer pumping as well as before,

so probably until the end of the year.

Hansje en Wouter

Hansje does the Plow

Hansje does the Fish

Hansje does the Bow

Wouter does the Tree

Wouter does the Ardha Matsyendrasana

Wouter does the Fish

Hansje relaxes for a while

Wouter relaxes for a while

Loesje (1944), Wouter's sister from New Zealand can also do the Plow


Loesje does the Plow again


Loesje also does the Tree


Loesje relaxes for a while



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Updated November "17 2019