The Number 8

The Eight Body is the Pranic Body, it represents Guru Har Krishan’s quality of Purity.
The number 8 also stands for healing. My Path Number is 8 and I am a Chiropractor. Healing has always been the thing that I loved most, and it is the thing that gives me the most joy in life. It is written in my astrology chart. Everything in my chart says “Heal, heal, heal, heal,” everything.

I f you master 8 you also master 2, 3, and 4 (“When you master pranayama you will have control of your mind").

Music can bring automatic mastery of the 8th Body because music takes tremendous control of prana. Singing will give you tremendous control of your Pranic Body.

The person with an 8 will want to see others really jazzed up in terrns of energy. An 8 looks to food for energy and tries to get energy from gross forms rather than from subtle sources.

The negative aspect of the number 8 is being tired all the time. This is the one thing that doctors have missed: Tiredness does not come from the adrenal glands. That is the biggest mistake in the medical field. Tiredness comes from your Pranic Body not working. The Pranic Body is your diaphragm. When you open up the diaphragm (which is the main exercise you give to somebody who has adrenal problems), when you get the diaphragm flexed out, the Pranic Body starts working and there is no more tiredness. Tiredness has nothing to do with adrenals. The energy to the adrenals comes from the Pranic Body.

You will see a lot of fear in this person. No matter what he gets into, there is never enough energy to do it. He does not have the infinite vision to see that he can do better. The positive aspect of the number 8 in this position is that once he harrnonizes the eighth body, he will able to look at a very finite situation and project outwards. He will be able to see the steps that he has to take to make it from where he is to where he wants to be. By having mastery of the Pranic Body he will able to follow through with his plan and make it to his goal.
Mastery of this body gives one that ability to have the energy to control the prana to do that which one needs to do and also to gain the vision to be able to see a more infinite picture of what it is that one is involved in. This person is the “long-range planner.”

The main blockage that this person has in processing his own internal states is fear. It is said, “Spiritual people should be happy,” but this person will say, “Oh... I can’t be happy because....” He will always find some excuse which is fear-oriented. This fear will keep him from being able to see happiness and joy in his life. The positive aspect of this number, once he works on this body, is that he will be totally fearless to deal with anything that comes his way. Once he tunes in to his soul he will see the expansiveness of his relationship with God. He will see that he is God, that he is Infinite; he will be in the ecstasy of the joy of seeing the infinity of God, the Wahe Guru.

This person will be fearless. This person is sought after when one wants to expand a business - get an 8 in your team and ask him, “Where can we go from here?” This person can plan ahead and help you get ahead.

The basic viewpoint of this person is that he is fearless and he has the ability to carry through when everybody else fails by the wayside.He has the ability to latch unto some project and take it all the way to its maximum.

Guru Har Krishan had so much joy and compassion for his town that he gave up his life so that all else could live; this is an incredible example of Purity to follow.

Numerology as taught by Yogi Bhajan

Expounded by Dr. Guruchander Singh Khalsa

(*) updated April 6' 2006

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