The Number 5

The 5th Body is the Physical Body and physical things are pretty easy for someone with a 5 in his numbers. It is easy for a person with a 5 to push himself physically. He has a strong body and has the ability to sacrifice. Use what you have to overcome your weaknesses.

The Fifth Body is represented by Guru Arjun. It represents the Physical Body but it is also the Teacher number. Guru Arjun had so much physical control that he sat on the hot plate and chanted Wahe Guru. That was his example. Guru Arjun represents Self-sacrifice.

The negative aspect of the number 5 is that these people have a lot of problems with their physical body. They can’t control their physicial environment at all - it is hard for them to do exercises and it is hard for them to keep control of their weight. They love to eat and they can become lazy. They prefer comfort over sacrifice. They are scared to death to teach.

A 5 is half God and half Man (half balance).

The negative aspect of the Fifth Spiritual Body in the Karma position is manifested in somebody who is self-indulgent and extremely overweight. In a business situation this person is seen as being self-interested and self-motivated. After mastery of this body this person will be able to make sacrifices and will have the willpower to make certain things happen in his relationships.

The key word here is Balance. A person with this body out of tune cannot reach a balance in his internal processes. Rather than going to Solstice he stays home in his nice, cozy house because he can’t make that sacrifice for his own spiritual growth. He can’t push himself out in front of a class to teach about God because he hasn’t reached that comfortable place within himself. The block to finding his own Soul is that he doesn’t have the ability to sit down and do a meditation for 1000 days. He doesn’t have the ability to do an exercise set to get rid of his obesity or whatever health problem he may be having. His self-indulgence takes him down the path of self-distruction; whereas a person who goes through a clearing process for 1000 days and gets in charge of the Fifth Spiritual Body will have the ability to sacrifice his own comfort so he can be less angry.

The number 5 is my Gift: The ability to teach. It has always been easy for me to teach. As soon as I was in 3HO I was teaching. Teaching has never been a problem for me; it is like eating breakfast - there is no hassle to it, in fact, it is quite enjoyable and a very pleasurable experience. I have always enjoyed helping others learn. To discipline my physical body bas never been hard either.

This person will be seen as the personification of God which is what Guru Arjun represented. He will be seen as someone who can make self-sacrifices.

This person must become a teacher by example. This is what Guru Arjun represented - teaching by example. People need to see that this person lives his example and that he is the personification of what he teaches.
By doing a particular discipline for l000 day's this person can tune himself to the fact that he has to live what he is teaching. In the present lifetime this person must teach to feel divine.

Numerology as taught by Yogi Bhajan

Expounded by Dr. Guruchander Singh Khalsa

(*) updated April 6' 2006

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