The Number 3

The Third Spiritual Body is the Positive Mind. It is represented by Guru Amar Das - Equality.

A 3 is flexible and mischievous. He gets pulled down by negativity and needs a positive sense of humor.

The negative aspect of the number 3 is that this person will not able to see the good in situations.

The Karma for this person is to be positive in terms of his external relationships. In a business situation you will see that this person cannot make it because everything about the business world is negative. After a little bit of stress he can’t handle the relationship because his mind won’t focus on the positive; his mind is always focusing on the negative aspects. He is stuck in the Negative Mind.
To harmonize his Karma he needs to do a meditation, a yoga set or some practice, for 1000 days to hope to see a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel. He needs to see the harmony and the goodness in his work situation; then his mind will focus on the positive aspect of the relationship.

This position is the internal process of how one deals with himself. Let’s say he has an argument with somebody; after he works through it he will say:‘You know, all this is happening because I am such a creep, I am just no good. . .“. In other words, this person’s own internal process will be to negate himself - a sort of an inferiority complex - not being able to see himself clearly in a positive light.
This person has to see himself as a Soul, as being part of God, instead of seeing himself as a sinner and as part of the Devil.

This person will always have a positive thing to say. Evervbody else can be negative but he will listen to them and it will not be a problem. He will say, “But have you ever looked at it from this point of view...". This is his Gift. He always has a cheery attitude about things.

People will see somebody who has a Destiny of 3 as a cheerful person, as somebody who always has a positive input. Let’s say that I am a businessman and I want to hire a salesman. I might be able to look at this persons numbers and say, “He appears to be pretty happy but he has 3 as his Destiny.” I would say to him, “I’d like to observe you for a week”. In reality I may observe that this person really does have a very cheerful, positive outlook and I will feel that this will be beneficial to me as the employer.

Three is Equality; this was the great quality of Guru Amar Das. In order to see Guru Amar Das, first you had to sit in langar and eat, even if you were the king. He realized that all people were equal; he created free kitchens; he wanted to make sure that everyone was taken care of.
A person who has this quality will want to see equality in all situations, he wants to take care of everyone and is concerned about everyone.

If the Soul Number is a 3 and the Gift is a 3, it means that this person has the ability to know his Soul; it means that he has the ability to connect to his Soul when he wants to. His Gift is mastery of the 3rd Body and in order to connect with his Soul he has to master the 3rd Body, but it has already been given to him as a Gift, so he doesn’t have to. Having a 3 both as Soul and as Gift means that this person has the ability to connect to his Soul already. It means that as a child he was able to connect with his Soul readily. There are a lot of people in 3H0 that are like that.
If your Gift is the same number as your Soul, it means that you have been given as a Gift, mastery of that particular body which allows you to communicate with your Soul freely. It is like a freeway - once you connect with that freeway and make that map, you can always go back and forth. If you are given that as a gift, it means that you have the ability to travel back and forth between your earthly and spiritual consciousness very easily, however, sometimes it can make you lazy...

Numerology as taught by Yogi Bhajan

Expounded by Dr. Guruchander Singh Khalsa

(*) updated April 6' 2006

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