The Number 2

The key phrase for the number 2 is “Longing to Belong.” In order to make this number harmonize you have to connect with your spiritual teacher. This body is represented by Guru Angad - Obedience.

For years I was in torment because I couldn’t connect with Yogi Bhajan. Finally, after 8 years of being in the Dharma I wrote him a letter, “Dear Sir: Help!” He wrote me back a letter and said, “My dear son, you and I will always be one in our hearts.” For a 2 that’s the ultimate bliss. That’s the way that I got the 2.

My problem with being a 2 was that once I got attached you could not get rid of me. I would attach myself, but it would take me a while. When I was young I became attached very quickly and it was pretty devastating. Two’s learn right away that they can easily get hurt when they want to connect only on the physical level. For me the key was to connect with Yogi Bhajan; I connected on the spiritual level. When you connect on the spiritual level you can’t be hurt because it is your Godly relationship. Connecting on the spiritual level has nothing to do with your emotions and commotions. It is your real self that you must connect with on that spiritual level.

The negative aspect of the number 2 is that this person will form negative associations or he will be unable to calculate the danger in any situation.

In the birthday of february 13th, 1954, the formula gives a 4 as Soul number, a 2 as Karma Number, a 9 as gift and a 10 as destiny:

In order for this person to be in tune with his Karma (2), to make sure that his external world is going right- his Negative Mind has to work. Karmically, this person would be very susceptible to try to connect with everyone. He would try to connect no matter what. He needs the company of quality people (The Company of the Holy) in order to be of quality himself. If his Negative Mind works he can calculate the danger in any relationship and he would make sure that the relationship would be beneficial to his Soul. When he is stressed out he might not be able to be neutral about the situation that he is in. In order to be in tune with his Soul, which is the number 4, it is important for this person to master the Neutral Mind so that whenever he is forced into a stressful situation his yogic mind will automatically calculate the correct action; this is called intuition.
In a business sense, this person does business to make a friend, to make a connection, or to form a close tie with somebody. This person may make a deal where he would lose money in order to gain a friend. Thus, in a negative sense, this person is easily taken advantage of in business dealings as well as emotional relationships.

The key for a person with a 2 in the Soul position is to process his longing to the point of neutrality. This person asks himself, “What can I learn from this relationship or this situation?” If this number is working for the person, the first thing he remembers is that he is connected to God, then he makes a neutral evaluation of the situation to see if there is anything that could affect his soul in a negative way. He makes a roadmap through meditational processes and connects with his spiritual teacher. Connecting to his spiritual teacher he is connected to God, therefore, his connection to people is not that important.
Protecting oneself is basically what this number is about, protecting one’s own spirituality and one’s own soul.

This person has the ability to connect to anyone and to make everyone feel relaxed. A Gift of 2 means one has the ability to calculate the danger in any situation and this is valuable when one has to make a very accurate evaluation of the danger.

If a person with a Destiny of 2 has made the choice to be spiritual, people will look at this person as being an easy person to talk to, an easy person to connect with, someone who has a level head about relationships, a friend.

The number 2 is represented by Guru Arnad. He represents the perfect student and super-obedience. He was the one who walked miles to the river to bring water to the guru - total dedication, total connectedness to the Infinity of the Guru.
A person with a Path of 2 has to show this deep connection to Infinity. I look at it in terms of devotion, how a person should enact devotion towards Infinity. A number here teaches devotion.

Numerology as taught by Yogi Bhajan

Expounded by Dr. Guruchander Singh Khalsa

(*) updated April 6' 2006

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