The Number 10

Every number is reduced to a one digit number except the numbers 10 and 11. The Tenth Body is the Radiant Body. The Royal Courage of Guru Gobind Singh is the divine expression of this body.

People who have the number 10 working for them walk into a room and everybody notices them. People who have no radiance and no spark look like death warmed over - they have a 10 that doesn’t work. The perfect definition of a 10 that’s not working is “banana spine”.

People with a 10 should keep their hair long, do the Archer Pose, and drink cucumber juice.

This person will be “All or Nothing,” and usually he will be very “banana spine” in his relationships and business dealings. The positive aspect of this position is manifested as radiance in his involvements, both business and emotional. He will put 150% effort into his work.

This person’ s attitude is, “I can’t do it; I don’t have the energy; Oh, God, I’m just not able to...” The world for this person is “nothing”; he can never make things happen. What a person can hope to get out of a meditation is the attitude of, “I’m going to give it my 150%,” no matter what it is that he will do. If he is going to meditate, he will sit down and do it with 150% of his energy.

If you own a company and you want something to happen, ask a person with a 10 as a Gift to get involved and he will make things happen, quicker than anybody else. He does his work with such zest that the project itself will manifest radiance. Whatever this person applies himself to becomes radiant.

This person is seen as being very radiant and as doing everything with a lot of zest and energy.

Royal Courage is the perfect definition of what this person has to manifest in his lifetime.
In the birthday 9/9/l954 the numbers are: Soul number=9, Karma number =9, Gift number =9, Destiny number =10 and the Path number=10
A Destiny (Century) number of 10 means that this person worked on his Radiant Body many times in his past lifetimes. With a Path Number of 10 the key is to do a meditation like “Gobinde Mukande Udare Apare Hariang Kariang Nirname Akame,” the mantra that Guru Gobind Singh gave us. If he meditates on this mantra for 1000 days, it will not only take care of his Soul, but it will also take care of his Path. In a 1000-day period, it can turn that being totally around.

Numerology as taught by Yogi Bhajan

Expounded by Dr. Guruchander Singh Khalsa

(*) updated April 6' 2006

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