The Number 1

The first Spiritual Body is the Soul: it is represented by Guru Nanak and Guru Nanak represented Humility.

The negative aspect of the number 1 is non-creativity. A person with a 1 in a negative position will have zero creativity. This is the most negative aspect of the number 1. He will be completely head-dominant.

A person who has a 1 in the Karma position normally relates to other people from the head. In order to be happy in the external realm, this person has to come from his heart, and the people that he deals with have to feel that he is coming from the heart; this is crucial for him if he wants to have harmony in his external world.
Any particular technique that will work on harmonizing the 1 will also allow a person who has a 1 in the Karma position to feel in harmony with all his external dealings.

A person with a 1 in the Soul position is the kind of person who in his internal relationship with himself will create a circular argument with his subconscious and get stuck there. His tendency will be to deal with his internal stress from his head. This is frustating to him because his logic will carry him to a dead end and he will not be able to get out of that stress.
If these people do a meditation or some sort of practice that will give them control of the first spiritual body then they will find that their logic will be conquered; they will begin to come from their heart and they will know what is right even if it doesn’t make logical sense. Their internal peace will come into harmony because they will be able to come from their hearts.

A person with a Gift of 1, like someone born in 1901, will have the ability to come from his heart as long as he is on a spiritual path. One’s Gift works when a person makes a committment to follow some spiritual path.
The number 1 represents “creativity”, so creativity is the real key. A person who has a 1 as a Gift will be super-creative.

In terms of Destiny a 1 means that this person has been very creative in many lifetimes before. If a person is on a spiritual path he will appear very creative to people who observe him from the outside.

A person with a Path of 1 has to be very creative in order to feel really deeply fulfilled and to feel like he did his mission for God on this earth. Guru Nanak was in this position, his Destiny represents this number 1 - he created Sikh Dharma. A person who has a 1 in his Path would be in this same situation - his spirituality would be expressed through this creativity of God.

Numerology as taught by Yogi Bhajan

Expounded by Dr. Guruchander Singh Khalsa

(*) updated April 6' 2006

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